Wgas_fruit19e need to counteract the deluge of bad eating cues that we are bombarded with and replace them with our own internal cues to eat well. It’s easier to eat the things you like. So choosing to like good food makes it easier to eat good food. And the situations and techniques that got you into the habit of eating badly are going to be the ones to bring you back to healthful eating.

Eating fresh fruit is one of the few mandatory pleasures of life that we so easily take for granted. It’s an immensely rewarding experience to grow your own fruit and so fulfilling to handpick and eat straight from the tree. If you need to re-awaken your passion for fruits, be more adventurous! There are lots more one can do with a fruit besides eat it fresh and whole. Here are some eat well ideas using fresh fruit.

Juice is a quick an easy solution. Most fruits are rich in flesh and water making them ideal for squeezing or crushing to make a cool refreshing drink. When making a light summer drink, what you need is citrus and berries. They have mild to strong, sweet and sour taste, which is totally refreshing for a hot summer afternoon. For richer, thicker juices, tropical fruits such as bananas, papaya, mango, guava are simply ideal. They are great for smoothies and just what you need to start your day with lots of energy and good digestion.

Cakes and pastries are simply the best, if you love to bake or have a sweet tooth. Berries and pome fruits (apples and pears) make some of the best fruit cakes and fruit pies. They add a vibrant tangy taste to the pastry dish and with a little bit of cinnamon, work like a charm.

Salads are the perfect light meal for hot sweltering weather and not to mention, losing weight. Fresh fruits can be used to make a fruit salad or mixed fruit and vegetable salad. When preparing mixed fruit and vegetable salads, grated fruits such as apples, pears and coconut, to blend in quite well. Lime or lemons can also be used to rinse through salad leaves, their acidic qualities kill germs and add flavour.

Stuffing is a traditional Christmas and thanksgiving favourite. Pork dishes and poultry dishes prepared with a mix of fruits, herbs and spices, can be quite a delight. Once again berries, citrus, apple and pears are a favourite for most.

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