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280 thoughts on “Sitemap

  1. Hei!takk for hyggelig kommentar og mÃ¥ si at her var mye fint Ã¥ se pÃ¥ hos deg og!Gratulerer med nytt kamera,jeg har det samme,men har ikke kommet lenger enn til Ã¥ bruke det manuelt og uten blits….er alt for utolmodig for bruksannvisninger.Ha en deilig sommerhelg.klem fra gunn

  2. Sometimes I feel like when we try to “manage a behavior,” we’ve only managed to create more problems for ourselves (in these parts, at any rate). It always amazes me that these two most powerful tools in the average parents’ arsenal of tools, are actually the most worthless ones for the parent of an autistic child. A deep paradoz in here….

  3. man i can barely imagine them having time to even browse the internet! but it’s rather cool that they discovered it at such early stage of the site (as opposed to “hearing of the site from some fans after the site has grown large”). and on top of that they keep coming back just to see how it’s going! oh la la! i feel that “we matter”!btw i saw this one youtube podcast from thedrewcast that had/has you in it, lol and i like how bubbly you were in it (“It was probably tim who found out about it first, as he’s rather computer savvy.” —> hahaha! he’s such a stalker eh! on us fans!)

  4. Wow, exciting!!! International News pa! I was wondering yesterday who was covering the wedding at Pen…Dino Lara pala no less! Great job! Glad no one got hurt…On TV, looked really scary…from your blog, looked more like fun! This wedding is one memorable event that’s now part of Philippine history! My congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds too! To the all the wedding suppliers who were there yesterday, Mabuhay Kayo!

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