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  1. Hey Jen!Are you going with white walls like in the photo? If you are, I would go with a luxurious velvet fabric in a dark, rich colour. Something like a navy blue, or purple, (although I suspect your husband wouldn't be a huge fan of that! hah…)With white walls and that greek rug it would totally pop!Can't wait to see photos of what you do with your new place! I love moving so much, purely for the redecorating haha :p

  2. know some of these artists and based knowing whether or not they are watercolour (which has already been addressed and was irrelevant before and after it was mentioned). If you were going to guess that one was *not* watercolour… you could’ve at least made a better guess . @Tayyab I am soooo sorry if my first comment started people thinking about some of these not being watercolour and if they feel the need to mention it again and again because of me.No hard feelings?

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