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  1. Currently the money seems to be flowing into gold speculation. After that it’s Part of the issue is we’ve never deflated any of our bubbles, we’re just pushing the excess credit around under the sheet of the economy. S&L into tech stocks, into housing, into oil, into gold . . . it’s the same money, and same players each time. And the admin seems happy to let us ride out a lost decade to do that on the backs of the middle class, rather than punish the banks who are creating, and profiting, off of each of these.

  2. God loves dogs too and I think there is a special place in heaven for them. We lost a dog from early in our marriage (b.c.- before children) and it is so hard to talk about…still (14 years and four dogs later) so don’t believe that “just a dog” mind set. They are gifts from heaven too and love us when we are unloveable. I am so sorry about Tucker…….

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